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Cartoon Logo Design

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Custom Cartoon Logos

Here at Rotten Toons, I hand design cartoon logos from scratch. I use a basic pencil and sheet of paper for the original sketch, then I put the design through the digital process, where I crisp up your design and color it.

A cartoon logo is a great way to establish your brand. A brand will display your product or service with a catchy graphic that will stick to the eye's of your clients.

Cartoon logos stand out very well. They are extremely easy to remember. Funny character logo designs are great for anyone, including individuals, small companies, and large corporations.

Simply contact Rotten Toons for your custom cartoon logo today!



What is the Process for Creating Unique Cartoon Logo Designs?

  1. Discussion
    We talk about your company or organization. We discuss who your audience is, any name ideas you have, any slogans you might want, etc. This is the planning stage, where we will build a blueprint of your cartoon logo design.

  2. Sketching
    I sketch up a design based on our combined ideas. This will serve as a rough guideline for when I convert your art into a digital cartoon logo.

  3. Digital Processing
    I touch up your design digitally to produce sharp lines and beautiful color. This is where your cartoon logo really starts to shine!

  4. File Transfer
    I send you all of the necessary files, including the vector file that you will need for any print shop. I will also create .gif and .jpg files for your websites.

Pricing cartoon logos are priced individually. Each design's price is affected by several factors. To read more on my prices, check out my design prices page. Otherwise, feel free to contact Rotten Toons and I will get back to you with a free quote as soon as I can.












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