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Sexy Devil Girl

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Girl Devil Picture

Sexy Devil Girl

Sexy Devil Picture

She's pink...She's hot...And she's bad. This sexy devil girl picture came to me one day when I was practicing my female faces. I wanted to create a beautiful girl with a sense of attitude and confidence to her.

The style of coloring I used is very simplified. There are simply four colors: white, black, pink, and purple. This simplicity is a perfect display of "less is more". My devil girls are ready to play.

What Are Devil Girls Good For?

My sexy devil girls are good for your company, website, and/or organization. Nothing sells like sex appeal. Add a touch of naughty and you've got your audience's eye locked onto your business, guaranteed.

Sound's Good. What Next?

Once you've decided that an evil devil girl is good for you, I will be happy to get started on your design. Feel free to contact Rotten Toons for your free quote today!














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